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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Subscription Options:  


Institutional Fee good for 1 office location - $1,000/month


Option 1 a recurring quarterly – 3-month option billed $495 per quarter.  Choose the SUBSCRIBE button.  This subscription AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS, but locks in your rate and you will not be subject to price increases in the future.  Because it is a renewing subscription it is up to each subscriber to opt out via paypal should they choose to terminate their subscription.  This subscription follows the 8 indexes: SPX, DOW, Nasdaq, RUSSELL, Financials, Real Estate, Energy and Gold.

Option 2 (Buy Now button) is a one time annual fee of $1,795, a $185 off the quarterly rate.  This option does not automatically renew.   It covers the same 8 indexes listed above.  This Option 2 is subject to annual price increases.

Option 3 (Subscribe button) is the add-on subscription for $99/month get any trades of individual names and other indexes not included in the Big 8 such as Biotech, Miners, Corn and Wheat.  Also get trades of stocks such as FCX (+21% already through 3 weeks of 2017), YINN (+17% thru 3 weeks 2017)...This is an introductory price and all who sign up will have this price locked in as long as their subscription remains current.   Because it is a renewing subscription it is up to each subscriber to opt out via paypal should they choose to terminate their subscription.  
We have been posting our trades since 2011 and have recorded annual returns of 77%, 31%, 62%, .02%, 3.6% and 32%.  We consistently outperform many of the top money managers and hedge funds.
We've been a public blog since 2011 and continue to have a loyal following.  Here are what some of our subscribers have to say about their experience:
billr says: 
You’re the BEST! I’ve never seen anyone else that comes close. I’m sticking pretty closely to the system and am up over 40% and we’re not even halfway through July. Thanks for another great year and a fantastic 5 year return!!
Bob S your the best I’ve ever seen wish I would have found you earlier.
Bill LSome unbelievable calls … Keep up the extraordinary work
BNew to your work. Subscribed and watched for about 6 months. Your system is amazing. Just recently took my first two trades with these signals. Profitable, sensible, low risk, its a pleasure to have found such common sense simple triggers to such complex issues. I’ll be around a long time.
Robert K: Having found your site a year or so ago, I have been amazed at your ability and, more importantly, discipline to stick with the system through turbulent times and of course, let profits run….which has been my greatest shortcoming.
NOTE: The 10th of the month is an important date. All monthly subscriptions purchased on or before the 10th are treated as a full month. Purchases after the 10th are treated as occurring on the first day of the following month. Therefore, a subscription purchased on the 9th of July ends September 30. But, a subscription purchased on the 11th of July expires October 31st. Subscribers get access to the one of the best educational newsletters available. Subscribers get nightly (Monday-Thursday), weekend and occasional intra-day summaries of the stock market. Proprietary signals: Buy or Sell for 8 indexes: SPX, DOW, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, FINANCIALS, REAL ESTATE, ENERGY, and GOLD.