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Friday, September 16, 2011


We continue to knock the cover off the ball over at Alphahorn Subscription Site.  In August the portfolio reached its 2010 goal of a 40% return, and now through the midway point of September the portfolio is closing in on its revised goal of 50%.  If you would like to receive daily chart updates, nightly detailed analysis of 10 key market indexes: SPX, DOW, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, FINANCIALS, TRANSPORTS, STAPLES, ENERGY, COPPER and GOLD, plus Elliott Wave analysis, real time trade updates to learn how the portfolio interprets and acts upon these data, then subscribe today.

We are now running a quarterly subscription special, receive a 3 months subscription for only $200.  Or, you can purchase a 1 month trial subscription for only $89.  The 2012 rates will be going up to $99/month and $250 per quarter, so sign up today!

Here are the returns through August, note currently the portfolio is up over 45%!!!!!!!!

Last Updated 8/31/2011: The Alphahorn Portfolio has booked profits of just over 41% since I began tracking trades in April. Here are the July and August trades:
summary table