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Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9th Updated Trading Table, Some profits taken this week

Here's a copy of the table that my subscribers get each night.  I have been raising my stops up as the indexes have steadily climbed, and on Friday several of my stops were taken out.  This table shows the cumulative profits just since 4/1/2011.  The booked trade number represents trades closed out or stopped out, the active trades are trades that are active and the profit is based upon Friday's closing prices.  The indicator system has been long Gold for quite some time, so I show two figures for the active trades, the lower figure represents the Gold trade only from a recent observation I made at the first of April.

New subscribers always welcomed, see the subscription options above. Rates will be going up effective June 1, the monthly rate will be $79, so lock in the existing rate through an annual or recurring subscription today!  Here's what a recent subscriber had to say about the newsletter:
Hey Alpha,
FWIW, I am a relatively new subscriber and I thought I would try out your system by trading every sector using a very small trade amount (about 10% of your average trade). I wanted to let you know that for the first month in trading, I have made back my subscription for the entire year!
Thanks for your work.
Bill R.